How Loud is the DSC WT4911B Wireless Outdoor Siren on a DSC Impassa?

The DSC WT4911B Wireless Outdoor Siren produces sounds of up to 100 dB. This is about as loud as a passing motorcycle. This is considerably louder than the 85 dB siren that is built into the system. The DSC WT4911B Siren is wireless, easy to program, and it is suitable for outdoor use.

The DSC WT4911B can be easily programmed with a DSC Impassa through the system's [898] programming function. The Impassa System will confirm when the siren has been recognized. The device is powered using an internal battery. The preserve power, the device will only utilize power when active. When not in use, the device remains in a sort of dormant state, in which it is not actively draining the battery. With typical usage, the battery should last for about two to three years. The device uses a single lithium D cell battery.

Since the DSC WT4911B is an outdoor siren, it is great for use in a separate area of the property from the DSC Impassa Alarm System. The device features an IP34 rating, allowing it to properly stand up to the rain, dust and sunlight present in an outdoor environment. Of course, it can still be used indoors if desired. The device can be safely placed on any flat surface. Most users choose to wall-mount the device.

Also included with the WT4911B is a blue strobe light that provides a visual indication of an alarm event. The device will make unique sounds for a burglary and fire emergency so that the user can properly distinguish between the type of alarm. Up to four of these devices can be programmed with a single DSC Impassa Alarm System. Remember, any WT4911B will need to be programmed before it will function properly. This is done after enrolling the siren with the system. The DSC Impassa has a siren menu for programming the siren.

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