How Many Home Security Stickers Should go on a House?

At least every window on the first floor of a residence should have a security window sticker and your perimeter doors as well. Although security stickers may not completely prevent a motivated burglar from attempting to enter your home, there are steps that can be taken to slow them down from entering, and having your home be a “hard” target vs a “soft” target. Being a “hard” target will help make a decision for a burglar to avoid it and move on to a soft target. Burglars don’t always know what their walking into when they chose a home to burglarize. Primarily burglars will target a home that seems to have the least resistance and appears to be a “soft” target. No signs of a security system is a number one clue to being a soft target.

When a burglar sees signs of a home having a security system, like window stickers and yard signs it will throw up red flags in their minds and they will look for targets without signs. Having window stickers as a decoy is better than not having any at all, but having a security system installed and monitored in your home is the best plan of protection.

Having a security alarm system with interior motion detectors and glass break detectors is the best possible protection for your family and home. Insure you alarm system is monitored and will continue to work in the event you lose power in a storm. Having a secondary keypad in your master bedroom can be used to sound a panic alarm or quickly access the alarm controls.

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