How Many Key Fobs Work With A 2Gig GoControl?

The 2Gig GoControl alarm panel supports up to 8 key fobs.

The 2GIG Key2, wireless key fob, is a 4 button key ring remote, which provides many functions and is a great users tool. The key fobs sleek design can be added on a keychain for easy convenience.

The 2Gig GoControl key fob allows users to arm and disarm the alarm system before leaving or entering the home or business. The key fob can also trigger panic alarms, automatically turning on the siren and sending a duress signal to the central monitoring station. The key fob can be programmed to open and close a garage door when paired with the 2GIG GDR1 overhead garage door relay.

If zwave lamp modules have been installed, users can use the key fob, (via open collector output), to turn lights on or off before entering or leaving the premise.

The 2GIG-Key2-345 key fob operates on 1, CR2025 lithium battery and should last 3-5 years.

To add the 2GIG-Key2-345 key fob to the 2Gig GoControl panel, press the logo in the lower right hand corner on the home screen. Enter the four digit installer code (2Gig's default installer code is 1561). Press the installer toolbox, then system configuration.

Press the down arrow to move to Q3 Key fob programming. Select a key fob number from 1 - 8. Select fob #, then 0 for unused or 1 for used or fob enable 1 or disabled 0.

Press the down arrow and select RF equipment code. Enter 0866 for the 2Gig-key2-345 key fob. Enter the 7 digit serial number of the key fob which can be found on the outside of the box or on the back of the key fob.

To auto enroll the keyfob, press the shift then learn (this places the panel in learn-in mode). Press the armed away button on the key fob until the LED lights up and the key fob transmits the serial number. The correct ID number should appear, press OK to confirm and save.

Press the down arrow and select RF equipment age. Press 0 for new or 1 for existing.

Press the down arrow and select the key fob emergency key; 0=disabled, 1=auxiliary alarm, 2=audible alarm, 3=silent panic, 4=fire.

Press the down arrow and select fob can disarm, 0=disabled, 1=enabled.

Press the down arrow and select RF sensor voice descriptor. Press insert and enter the 3 digit number associated with the word. To view the word selection, press the right facing arrow to scroll. Press insert again to add a second word. There is a five word maximum that can be added.

Press the down arrow and select fob arm no delay. 0=disabled, 1=enabled.

Press the down arrow and select fob key 4 output. 0=disabled, 1=toggle output, 2=momentary output.

To program another key fob press next or skip, then end to exit programming.

The panel will take several seconds to reboot after exiting programming.

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