How Many Milliamps Does The SSX-52S Draw?

The Amseco SSX-52S is a indoor outdoor self contained siren strobe which draws a maximum of mA with a rated voltage of 12VDC. The siren is weatherproof and consists of a strong and rust free polycarbonate plastic cover housing and a sturdy aluminum back plate to prevent warping and cracking, that eliminates the need for an additional siren box. The Amseco SSX-52S has a dual action reed plunger tamper switch for cover and rear protection.

The SSX-52S operates in temperatures that range from -4 degrees F - 149 degrees F.

The SSX-52S is 7 inches tall and mounts on most surfaces. where can be alerted by the loud noise and flashing strobe.

The Amseco SSX-52S has a siren driver that produces 120dB at a single tone output.

The strobe is built on the top of the siren and comes in blue, amber, clear and red and has a flash rate of 20-100 times per minute. The strobe uses a colored mirror and lens to ensure that the color can be easily seen.

The Amseco SSX-52S is ideal for businesses, industrial buildings,warehouses and residential applications and is a great solution in deterring burglars.

The Amseco SSX-52S cannot be used as a stand alone siren strobe, it must be connected to an alarm system.

The Amseco SSX-52S is compatible with Honeywell’s Vista series. The Lynx series is also compatible when paired with a Lynx External Sounder Kit which converts wired sirens to wireless sirens.

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