How Many Partitions Can I Have On A Vista 21iP?

The Honeywell Vista 21iP control panel provides 2 independent partitions plus a common partition. Users can arm from any system keypad and can view or operate on partition from the other. The Vista 21iP can also support separate partition account numbers. The Vista 21iP supports 48 user codes and can be assigned to either partition.

The Honeywell Vista 21iP control panel has a built in internet communicator (7847i) and provides the option to install a Honeywell Vista GSM4G cell communicator which snaps right onto the panel for dual communication. Users can also connect the Vista 21iP control panel to a standard Telco line.

The Vista 21iP has 8 on board hardwired zones (15 when zone doubling is used), and supports 40 hardwired expansion zones when paired with a hardwired zone expansion module and 40 wireless expansion zones when paired with an RF keypad or wireless receiver. Wireless keyfobs can be programmed without using any of the zones.

The Vista 21iP supports up to 8 keypads and 4 graphic keypads. Some compatible keypads but not limited to are; 6150, 6150V, 6150RF, 6160, 6160V, 6160RF, 6162, 6162V, 6162RF and graphic keypads; 6280 and the Tuxedo Touch WiFi. An alphanumeric keypad like the 6160 is required for programming.

The Vista 21iP provides a 100 event log which can be viewed directly at the keypads and provides a time and date stamp.

The Vista 21iP supports 4 wire and up to 16, 2 wire smoke detectors.

Once the internal internet communicator is registered, the Vista 21iP is compatible with Total Connect 2.0. Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control an alarm system, home automation and video surveillance from an computer, smartphone or any ios device. Users will receive notifications via email and or text messages on any alarm signal or event.

The Honeywell Vista 21iP is an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications

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