How Many Wireless Zones Can A 6160RF Handle?

The Honeywell 6160RF keypad will support as many wireless zones as the Honeywell control panel it’s connected to provides. The Honeywell 6160RF keypad is a customer alpha numeric keypad that has a built in 5881ENH unlimited zone wireless receiver. The Honeywell 6160RF keypad is compatible with all the 5800 Honeywell wireless devices including bidirectional devices except the Honeywell 5839 Wireless Keypad. The Honeywell 6160RF keypad has a built in 5800TM module which is needed to support the 5804BD and 5804BDV. The 6160RF keypad also supports encrypted operation of the 5804E and the 5804BDV.

The Honeywell 6160RF keypad is compatible with the Honeywell Vista series control panels and is also compatible with Honeywell wireless keypads 5828 and the 5828V as secondary keypads.

The Honeywell 6160RF has a 2 line alpha numeric keypad display which allows users to access the *56 zone programming mode. The zone programming field allows zones to utilize custom alpha zone descriptors. The 6160RF will show all alpha descriptors programmed in the control panel on the keypad display.

The Honeywell 6160RF keypad has an RF receiving range of 200 feet (check the RF transmitting range of the 5800 device as some may have shorter ranges).

The 6160RF keypad has a memory buffer which will store signals. The memory buffer will hold up to 8 events at a time, but if more than that come in at once, they might be lost.

The 6160RF keypad operates on 12Vdc and 345Mhz frequency.

The 6160RF keypad has 4 side buttons that can be programmed for emergency situations like fire, medical, police and a silent alarm.

The 6160RF keypad has a tone generator integrated circuit which differentiates the fire alarm sound from the burglar alarm sound. The fire alarm sound is a loud pulsing tone whereas the burglar and audible panic alarm sound is a loud continuous tone.

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