How Many Z-Wave Devices can be in a Total Connect 2.0 Scene?

There can be a maximum of 10 Z-Wave devices in a Total Connect 2.0 Scene. A user can configure each device to respond how they want each device to respond in the scene. In order to control additional Z-Wave devices, a user will need to create a separate scene in Total Connect 2.0.

The Total Connect 2.0 platform is an interactive service that is used with Honeywell Alarm Systems. If the system has an integrated Z-Wave controller, then the user will be able to control their Z-Wave devices from this platform. Although Z-Wave devices can be controlled individually, they can also be set up to operate in groups by creating smart scenes. In each smart scene, there can be a maximum of 10 different devices.

However, the typical Z-Wave controller can support up to 232 individual Z-Wave devices. Obviously, this is many more devices than what can be included in a single smart scene. So if a user wants to control more than 10 Z-Wave devices at once, they will have to create multiple smart scenes. Please note that a Z-Wave device can be included in multiple smart scenes if desired.

Smart scenes can be activated manually at any time through the Total Connect website or through the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App on Android or iOS devices. But the real benefit to Total Connect 2.0 Scenes is the ability to have the devices activate automatically. This can either be on a fixed schedule or with certain predetermined system events.

For instance, a user might have a scene to activate their Z-Wave thermostat, turn on their living room lights and unlock their front door when they disarm their system. The user could name this scene "Home", and it could serve as their go-to smart scene for when they return home. A user could create other scenes for various situations. These could include "bedtime", "movie night", "leaving", "weekend" or anything else the user can think of.

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