How To Connect A 5800Wave Siren To A L7000 Lynx Touch

Before installing the 5800Wave siren, insert the battery and set the House ID. To insert the battery, remove the 4 (four) screws from the back of the siren. Carefully separate the front case from the back making sure you do not damage the wires that are connected to the circuit board. Insert the battery and secure it with the battery clips. Plug the battery wire into the battery connector plug.

Program the House ID number in the control panel. To do this, select the “Security” icon on the home screen. Select “More”. Select “Tools”. Enter the 4 (four) digit installer code. Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112. This will automatically bring you to the programming screen. Select “Program”. Select “System Type”. Select “RF House Code”. Enter a 2 (two) digit number from 01-31 (zero-one / thirty-one). After entering the 2 (two) digit code, select “Done”. Select “Save”. Press the “Return” icon and a message will come up asking “Allow Installer To Re-Enter Programming” ALWAYS select “Yes”. Press the “Return” icon once again to return to the home screen.

Set the DIP switch 4-8 to the House ID number that was programmed into the control panel. The House ID and the DIP switch need to match. Close the case and reinstall the 4 (four) screws.

Plug the 5800Wave siren into an AC outlet. A green LED light will glow when the 5800Wave siren has power and good RF link. If a red LED light appears the RF link is bad and the 5800Wave siren needs to be relocated to another AC outlet (usually closer to the panel).

Unplug the 5800Wave siren and program the 5800Wave siren into the control panel as a zone. The system must be in the disarmed mode. Select the “Security” icon from the home screen, select “More”, select “Tools”. Enter the 4 (four) digit installer code (factory default 4112). Select “Program”. Select “Zone”, select “Add New”. Select serial number.There are 2 (two) ways to enroll the serial number; manually or transmitting the device. To manually enroll, enter the number from the label on the 5800Wave siren in the keypad on the control panel. To enroll by transmitting, plug the 5800Wave into the AC outlet. Within 15 (fifteen) seconds place the tamper magnet next to the tamper position indicator lines on the case of the siren. Wait until the yellow LED light turns off, then remove the magnet to cause a transmission. The yellow LED light will flash when the transmission is sent. Select, Loop number, zone description, device type, response type and “SAVE”. Exit programming.

Remove the screw of the cover plate on the outlet. Keeping the cover plate in place, plug the 5800Wave siren into the outlet. Insert the screw in the mounting hole and secure to the outlet.

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No, there is no limit.
how many 5800 wave sirens can you add to an L7000 panel in a system? Is there a limit?

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