How do I Convert Wired Security Systems To Wireless?

Replacing an existing hardwired system to either the Honeywell Lynx Touch series or a Lynx Plus does not require users to replace the existing hardwired contacts. The Honeywell 5800C2W Convert to Wireless Module converts existing hardwired contacts to Honeywell’s 5800 series technology. The 5800C2W converter module can also be used with a Vista control panel when equipped with either a 5800 series wireless receiver or an RF keypad.

The 5800C2W supports up to 9 hardwired zones and more than one 5800C2W can be used.

The 5800C2W requires a backup battery, the existing hardwired panel box can be used to house the battery. Using the included double sided tape and or screws, mount the 5800C2W close to the hardwired panel box but do not mount inside the metal panel box.

Please refer to the 5800C2W install manual for complete install instructions.

The 5800C2W module cannot be used to convert hardwired smoke and or heat detectors.

The Encore Firefighter FF345 can be used to “remotely” monitor existing hardwired smoke detectors. The Encore Firefighter FF345 is installed within 6 inches of the existing hardwired smoke detector. There are 2 tabs on the side of the module which provides the built in microphone a line of sight directly to the smoke detector. The microphone picks up the sound of the alarm from the smoke detector and will trip the alarm. The Encore FF345 should be programmed to loop 2 as a Fire - Zone Type 09 and Response Type, Fire with verification. The equipment code is 5816.

Utilizing both the Honeywell 5800C2W Convert to Wireless Module and the Encore Firefighter FF345 not only saves users money, it incorporates perfectly good equipment.

Once the modules have been installed, users can install Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices to the Honeywell Lynx Touch, Lynx Plus and the Vista control panel.

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