How To Program A New Zone On a Honeywell Vista 20P

Using an alphanumeric keypad (like the 6160), enter programming using the installer code (factory default installer code is 4112) followed by the numbers 8,0,0. Once programming is entered, the screen will display, installer code 20. Press the star (*) key followed by the number 56, the screen will display “enter zn num” 00=quit. Assign and enter a 2 digit zone number. Hardwired zones run from 01-08, if using a zone expander, for additional zones use zone numbers 09-48. Press 01 followed by the star (*) key, the screen will display a summary for the zone. ZN is the zone number, ZT is the zone response type, P is the partition, RC is the report code, IN is the input type and RT is the response time for the zone. Press the star (*) key and the screen will display (example 01 zone type fire 09) if the correct info is displayed press star (*) to continue or enter the value for the zone (please refer to the Vista 20P programming guide for list of values). Press the star (*) key to continue to enter the report code. Report codes are in hexadecimal form and range from 01-15. Press the star (*) key to continue to add the zone to a partition. Press the star (*) key to continue, the screen will display the hardwire type - enter 0 for EOL, 1 for N/C, 2 for N/O, 3 for zone doubling or 4 for double-balanced. Press the star (*) key to continue to response time, enter 0 for 10m seconds, 1 for 350m seconds, 2 for 700m seconds and 3 for 1.2 seconds. Press the star (*) key and the summary screen will appear. Press the star (*) key and the screen will display “program alpha?” 0=no, 1=yes. Press the star (*) key plus the numbers 99 to exit

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The easiest way to output zone programming would be to do it through Compass software, which is a program that lets monitoring companies make programming changes remotely. Within this program there is a print zone list option we could save as a PDF and be sent to you via email. If you might be interested in this/our monitoring services email for more assistance.
Is it possible to output a backup of the current zone programming that I can write down so if I make changes I can re-enter the old information? For example, when doing data-field programming, one can do #55 to see the existing value of a field. Thanks
Let me clarify something here. The reporting format to be used for any alarm panel will be specified by the alarm dealer and/or the central monitoring station. Any format other than Contact ID requires that said Dealer or Monitoring station provide you with the report codes that they want to receive for each zone or zone type. In most cases, Alarm Grid only uses Contact ID format. In Contact ID, the first digit of the report code must be anything other than 00 for the associated report to be sent. Basically, 00 is Off, and anything else (01 - 15) is On for reporting. If you are a self monitored customer, your report codes should be 00 for the first (or in some cases, only) digit. This disables reporting to a monitoring station.
After you've entered into *56, enter the (Zone Number) you wish to delete and press (*)+(*). It should then show the "Zone Type", enter (00)+(*)+(1). You should then be back at the "Enter Zone Number" screen. Either repeat for the next zone or press (00)+(*)+(99)
I just switched my 2 keypads from 6139s to 6160 alphas (not all keys were working). Not having the installer code, I did the backdoor reset. Most items are now re-programmed as well as setting the IC back to 4112. I have 8-zones, however, a zone 9 keeps appearing. The zone type is '05'. I've never had a zone 9. I went through *56 to change the ZT to '00', however, ZT never appears. Only the Report Code, and, there's 2-entries on the page. I've been searching the net on how to change the ZT. Appears simple, however, I'm unable to get it to change. Both RCs are set to 00, however, ZT is still 05. I cannot get it to change. Can you please tell me what I'm missing with the way I'm trying to remove the Zone? Are there other keypad sequences needed for this situation?
What is wired to zone 1?
Accidentally unprgrammed zone1 while trying to program a keyfob. How do I know which hardwire type to use?
If you use Contact ID alarm format, you don't have to assign a report code. As long as the first digit isn't a 0, it will send the automatic Contact ID code for each zone.
How do I know what the report code should be? I found a list of 3 digit codes that specify what type of zone it is but nothing 2 digit to enter In the panel?

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