How to Program House ID For A Honeywell L7000?

The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 is very user friendly. The 7” color touchscreen with graphic icons makes it easy to navigate your way through programming.

To program an RF House ID number, select the “Security” icon on the home screen. Select “More”. Select “Tools”. Enter the 4 (four) digit installer code. Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112. This will automatically bring you to the programming screen. Select “Program”. Select “System Type”. Select “RF House Code”. Enter a 2 (two) digit number from 01-31 (zero-one / thirty-one). After entering the 2 (two) digit code, select “Done”. Select “Save”. Press the “Return” icon and a message will come up asking “Allow Installer To Re-Enter Programming” ALWAYS select “Yes”. Press the “Return” icon once again to return to the home screen.

All bi-directional RF devices need to be programmed with a RF House ID number. An RF House ID is not necessary for 5800 Series Transmitters, the entry for the 5800 Series Transmitters should be left at “00” (default) except the 5804BD and 5804BDV wireless key fobs (they are bi-directional). For proper communication, the panel and the bi-directional device must be set to the same House ID number.

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