How To Wire A Trigger On A Lynx Touch L7000

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch L7000, the newest of the Lynx Touch series has a built in siren/sounder of 85db. The Lynx Touch L7000 has no siren output, yet provides two options in adding an exterior siren.

Follow these instructions If a wire can be run from the Lynx Touch L7000 to where the siren will be installed. Separate the front case from the back case of the L7000 by depressing the two tabs found on top of the panel using a flathead screwdriver. The Lynx Touch L7000 has a current limit of 3mA so a Altronix RBSNTTL Sensitive relay must be used. Run and connect a jumper wire from TRG+ terminal (located on the bottom left side on the Altronix RBSNTTL) to the POS+ terminal (located 2nd from the top right on the Altonix RBSNTTL). Now connect the trigger output to the Altronix RBSNTTL by connecting the positive red wire to the TRIG terminal on the L7000(found on the top left side on the L7000 panel) to the TRG- terminal on the Altronix RBSNTTL (found on the top right hand side on the Altronix RBSNTTL). Now, connect the black wire to the GND terminal (found on the top “middle” terminal on the L7000) to the NEG - terminal on the Altronix RBSNTTL (located 2nd from the bottom left terminal on the Altronix RBSNTTL).

If the siren is in a location where a wire cannot be run from the Lynx Touch L7000, a 5800RL relay, Ademco AD12612 Aux Power Supply, 1361 Transformer and 1240 back up battery can be connected. Alarm Grid offers all parts needed in a Lynx-EXT converter kit (except the hardwired siren). A user can use any hardwired siren and convert it to wireless effortlessly.

There is also the option of installing a Z-Wave siren. By pairing a Fortrezz SSA1 Z-Wave Siren and Strobe with a L5100 ZWave module which is installed in the panel of the Lynx Touch L7000 a user can program an “Action” for the siren to sound on any “burg” alarm. 

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There's no way to activate the trigger remotely. You can only program the trigger to respond based on a system event. As for whether or not, you could set it up for local or programmed control, it would depend on the locks you are using and how they are wired to the VISTA panel as the trigger on the LYNX Touch is unique and only really works with the RBSNTTL relay module.
Could we add on lets say an analog electric door lock to this system using the trigger? Would we still be able to lock and unlock remotely? We have an indoor and outdoor electric locks, both are not Z-Wave but heavy duty electric locks and work using the triggers on the Vista 21iP and can program a button on the local keypads, but never remember how to unlock remotely.
You will still need a transformer, power supply to power the siren. We also recommend a backup battery. Here is a kit for wired external sounders: LYNX-WEXT ( ). If you prefer to not run a wire back to the panel you can use the wireless relay for external sounders: LYNX-EXT ( ).
To be clear, if I can run a wire from the L7000 to the Altronix RBSNTTL, then I don't need an additional power supply? Or anything at all other than the Altronix RBSNTTL? Thanks!

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