Does the L5200 Inform Me if it Loses Internet?

Honeywell’s Lynx L5200 can be connected to the internet using Honeywell’s ILP5 or L5100Wifi module. The ILP5 and the L5100Wifi module are optional AlarmNet internet alarm monitoring communicators for the LYNX Touch series alarm control panels.

The ILP5 and the L5100Wifi module uses the internet service to transmit the security system’s alarm signals to AlarmNet’s servers which then forward them on directly to a monitoring station. The ILP5 communicator requires an ethernet cable to be run between the Lynx Touch L5200 panel and a router. The L5100Wifi module is a wireless WiFi internet communicator that does not require running an ethernet cable.

If a user is connected to a monitoring station, both alarm communicators can be programmed to be supervised. Any interruption in internet service a signal will be sent from AlarmNet’s servers and will be monitored by the monitoring station operators. A user can request to be notified on any service interruption. Once the internet service restores, L5100Wifi module and the ILP5 internet alarm communicators will usually reconnect to the network automatically. There are those rare times, that rebooting the Lynx Touch L5200 is required.

If a user is not connected to a monitoring station and is only connected to Total Connect 2.0 the L5100Wifi module and the ILP5 internet alarm communicators will not be supervised so no notifications will be sent. On the far left hand side of the top green slider on the home screen of the Lynx Touch L5200 (where is reads “ready to arm”) there will be a signal bar icon, when internet service is interrupted there will be an “X” on the icon. The "X" represents "NO WIFI SOURCE". The panel will also beep to inform the user the communication has been lost.

When using a ILP5 internet communicator, adding a power supply to the router and modem is a good idea to prevent internet connection being lost during a power outage. The L5100Wifi module gets power straight from the Lynx Touch L5200 control panel which has a built in backup battery, as long as the internet service is working, your wifi enabled security system will be able to send out alarm signals.

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Sounds like your WIFI is no longer connected to the panel. Are you currently being monitored? If so you will want to go into programming mode and "configure WIFI" to reconnect to your network. If you are not being monitored you can go into the "communicator" field and disable the comm path to "none." This will clear the comm trouble.
Getting a Comm. Trouble on a 5210 with a antenna icon and a red X - not sure how to clear this message. Will this clear itself or is it necessary for me to clear it?

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