Is 5853 glass break detector compatible w/ a Vista 15P?

Yes, Honeywell’s Vista 15P control panel comes equipped with six on board hardwired zones and the capability of adding sixteen hardwired expansion zones or twenty-six wireless expansion zones.

To utilize wireless devices like the Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Detector on the Vista 15P control panel, a 5881 wireless receiver or an RF keypad must be installed.

Honeywell offers several wireless receivers. The 5881ENL supports up to 8 zones, the 5881ENM, up to sixteen zones and the 5881ENH is an unlimited wireless zone receiver which supports as many radio frequency zones as the control panel it connects to will support. There is also the 5881ENHC which a commercial wireless receiver used for commercial fire and burglar applications or the 5883H, a transceiver module.

The other option for a Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Detector to be compatible with the Vista 15P control panel is to install an RF keypad. RF keypads have a built in wireless receiver and transmitter module. Honeywell’s 6150RF has a fixed english display and integrated 5881ENM and 5883H. The 6152RF is an alpha keypad and integrated with a 5881ENM and 5883H. Both Honeywell’s 6160RF and 6162RF have alphanumeric displays and are integrated with 5881ENH and 5883H and have capabilities to program.

The Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Detector is part of the 5800 series and offers high performance, processing sound data fast to minimize false alarms while maintaining a high level of detection. The 5853 Glass Break Detector can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within a 25 foot range and no minimum range. A user can test Honeywell’s 5853 Glass Break Detector using an FG-701 Tester. The 5853 Glass Break Detector requires two CR123 batteries which have a ten year battery life and are easily replaceable.

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