Is an ADC-V521IR 1080P Compatible w/

Yes, an ADC-V521IR 1080P is compatible with This security camera was specifically designed for use with the service. But it's important to note that this camera has been discontinued by ADC, and it is no longer sold. However, existing ADC-521IR models will still work.

Alarm dot com adc v521ir indoor 720p fixed camera with night vis

The ADC-V521IR is an indoor 720P HD fixed camera that offers night vision for capturing video in the dark. Its infrared night vision range is rated at 20 feet. The camera can be rested easily on any standard table or desk for easy set up. It can alternatively be mounted to a wall or a ceiling for a different viewing angle. The necessary mounting equipment comes included with the device. The camera can communicate with the servers through WIFI or through a wired ethernet connection. Overall, it is an effective camera option for use with ADC.

If a user wants to view the live feed for their ADC-V521IR, they can do so through the service. A user can access their account through a web browser or through the Mobile App. By using the mobile app on an Android or iOS device, a user will be able to view the live feed for their camera from essentially anywhere in the world at any time. Users can also view recorded clips on the ADC cloud server, and they can save these clips for permanent use. no longer manufacturers the ADC-V521IR. The model has since been replaced by the ADC-V522IR. Users who are interested in the ADC-V521IR should purchase the ADC-V522IR instead. This camera will offer the same great functionality as the ADC-V521IR with some new features as well. The ADC-V522IR offers a 1080P HD recording quality, and it can utilize both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WIFI networks. It can also be rested on a table or desk, or it can be mounted like a conventional camera.

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