Is the 2GIG CT100 Programmable?

Yes, the 2GIG CT100 is programmable. The thermostat has menu options that allow you to program the device to meet your needs. Most users find that it is easier to pair this device with a Z-Wave network and set up Z-Wave scenes to have the device activate automatically based on a schedule.

2gig z ct100 z wave programmable thermostat

The 2GIG CT100 can be programmed using its menu options. This will allow you to set up the device so that it controls your HVAC system automatically the way you want it. However, the CT100 is an older thermostat, and many users find its built-in programming menus to be rather clunky and cumbersome. If you want more information on the programming processes for the 2GIG CT100 Programmable Thermostat, then we recommend reviewing the device's user guide, which can be found here.

But luckily, the 2GIG CT100 is a Z-Wave thermostat. This means that you can pair it with a Z-Wave network and set up smart scenes for the device so that it responds automatically based on a schedule. If you want, other Z-Wave devices like lights and door locks can also be included with these scenes so that they activate simultaneously with the 2GIG CT100. This is possible through both the and Total Connect 2.0 platforms, so you can do this with whichever system you are using.

If you decide that building scenes is the proper solution for scheduling your 2GIG CT100, then you should understand that you will need a separate scene for each automated change in temperature you want the thermostat to perform. For example, you might have one scene that sets the temperature lower in the morning on weekdays when you leave for work, another that raises the temperature when you come home, and another that sets a completely different temperature on the weekends. All of these scenes can be configured from Total Connect 2.0 or

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