Is The 6160RF Alphanumeric?

Yes, the Honeywell 6160RF keypad is a 2 line, 32 character alphanumeric keypad which will display all alpha descriptors programmed in the panel (alphanumeric meaning it uses both letters and numerals).

The 6160RF keypad is basically 3 units combines into one. The 6160 keypad, a 5881ENH wireless receiver and a 5800TM module. The 5881ENH wireless receiver supports an unlimited number of wireless zones, so when connected to a Honeywell Vista series control panel the 6160RF keypad will support the number of wireless zones the panel provides.

The 2 line, 32 character LED display allows access to the field star (*) 53 zone programming and provides full feedback during programming. The 6160RF keypad series can also program custom zone descriptions and easily navigate through the programming menu.

The 6160RF is an addressable keypad. The keypad will need to be addressed before it is able to be active. To address the 6160RF keypad, press the numbers 1 and 3 at the same time within the first 60 seconds of powering up. If you have pressed the keys in time, “CON ADDRESS = XX” will be displayed. “XX” is the 2 digit device address currently programmed. Enter the 2 digit address (Vista panels are addressed from 16-23) then press the star (*) key to confirm. Make sure no other device installed on the control panel is assigned the same address and that it is setup for alpha console functionality. After addressing the keypad, enable the integrated receiver and set its device address. The keypad programming will time out automatically 60 seconds after power up so make sure to navigate through all the fields quickly to ensure all entries were accepted. If the programming times out before programming all fields, power down the keypad and start over.

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