Is a 5818MNL Compatible With The Honeywell L7000?

Yes, the Honeywell 5818MNL is compatible with the Honeywell L7000. The 5818MNL is part of the Honeywell 5800 series and the Lynx Touch L7000 supports Honeywell’s 5800 series.

The Honeywell 5818MNL is a 1 loop recessed door, window transmitter. The 5818MNL is half the size of the standard transmitters which makes it almost disappear when installed. Although the 5818MNL is small it still has a 200 feet nominal RF transmitting range. The 5818MNL runs off one 1.5VDC, AAA Lithium or AAA Alkaline battery and should last up to 10 years. Honeywell’s 5800 Series transmitters draw quick 'bursts' of current during transmission, then sit idle with very low current draw. Most batteries are not designed for this, so only batteries listed as compatible in the installation instructions should be used to attain the expected battery life. When other batteries are used the quick bursts of current kills the battery prematurely, and will go low in a matter of months. Since the 5818MNL is a recessed transmitter, a 3/4" hole needs to be drilled in the edge of the frame, and at least 3" deep. The magnet will need a 3/8" diameter hole drilled in the edge of the door at least 1/2" deep. Do not mount the 5818MNL to any metal structure, doing so will decrease transmitting range and cause false alarms. The 5818MNL is not weather proof but has operating temperatures that range from 32°F to 122°F.

Honeywell’s L7000 is an excellent addition to the Lynx Touch series and supports 79 wireless protection zones.

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We wouldn't advise installing a wireless contact in a metal door frame. However, you could use a wired recessed steel door contact like the one at wired into a wireless 5816 sensor ( ) that you mount away from the door.
Does it work in metal doors ?

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