Is the Output Voltage of a Home Alarm System Dangerous?

No, the output voltage of a home alarm system is not dangerous. Home security systems are considered low-voltage pieces of equipment. As a result, a security system would only be able to deliver a mild shock at most. But you still want to be careful to avoid damaging the equipment.

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In North America, an AC outlet outputs power at 110VAC. That is enough electrical power to cause injury. However, no home security system is going to use that much power. An alarm panel receives its power from a plug-in transformer. The transformer takes the high-voltage output from the AC outlet and brings it down to a lower level that is suitable for powering an alarm system. This low-voltage power is not strong enough to cause bodily injury. This makes alarm systems much more accessible and easier to install for DIY users.

But just because an alarm system only uses low-voltage power does not mean that you shouldn't be careful when installing an alarm system. For example, you will want to be careful when wiring any devices, and you will want to make sure use the correct transformer with any given systems. If you are using DC power devices, then you must make sure to observe proper polarity. That is, you need to connect the positive (+) and negative (-) wires to the correct terminals on the plug-in transformer. This is very important.

Additionally, you must always make sure to use the correct transformer with the system. Most alarm systems will come with the correct transformer you should use. If you try to use a transformer with different power specifications, then one of two things will likely happen. The first is that insufficient power will be supplied to the system. If this happens, the system will either display an AC loss condition or not power on at all. The second possibility is that too much power could be supplied to the system, resulting in permanent damage. Furthermore, if you were to use a DC transformer on a system that supports AC power (or vice-versa), then it is likely your system would experience permanent damage and no longer function properly.

There are some other general practices to keep in mind when using an alarm system. One is to always make sure to power down your system completely before adding any new hardware to the system's main board. You can power down the system by disconnecting its backup battery and unplugging its transformer. Failure to turn off the power when installing new hardware could result in damage to the system and/or the added accessories. Finally, never submerge your system in water or expose it to any liquids. Alarm panels are not waterproof, and exposing your panel to liquid could result in permanent damage.

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