Is Total Connect good for an apartment security system?

When you're trying to figure out the best security system for your apartment, you obviously have to consider what monitoring and interactive services, like Total Connect, you will want.

So to really figure out if Total Connect is a good fit for your apartment or condo, you need to consider what you need out of the system.

Do you want to be able to control your system remotely? No, we don't mean with a key fob. Any of our modern apartment security systems can do that.

We mean do you want to be able to remotely control via your iPhone, Android or computer? You know the scenarios. You leave for vacation and want to know, did you remember to arm your security system? Or even just when you arrive at the office. If you want to know your apartment is safe with the ability to remotely lock, you want Total Connect.

Are you interested in remote home automation control? We're obsessed with cool Z-Wave technology at Alarm Grid. Automated homes (or apartments!) are the homes of the future. Imagine being able to set your system to turn off your lights, lock your door or adjust your thermostat while you're on vacation. Even in a small apartment those energy savings can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

Do you want self monitoring? We always recommend using a central station. It's why our top tier monitoring services include it. But if you're looking to just get Alarm Net and get notifications to your phone or email, Total Connect with Alarm Grid might be able to save you money.

Overall, you have to consider: do you want a security system of future for your apartment, or an archaic one that gets the job done. Nice apartment security systems these days can do a lot more than just protect your home.

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