2GIG BATTERY-GC3 Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Backup Battery for an Alarm System Work?
One of the most important accessories for an alarm system is its back up battery. This is what keeps the system running during a power outage. Learn about alarm system batteries.

Can I Use More Than One Battery Pack in a 2GIG GC3?
The 2GIG GC3 only has one available connector for a backup battery. That is why a user can only use one backup battery for a GC3 System. Learn about the 2GIG GC3.

Which Battery Pack is Compatible with the 2GIG GC3?
The 2GIG GC3 System supports the 2GIG BATTERY-GC3. This backup battery has a 3700 mAh capacity, and it should keep the GC3 running for several hours. Learn about the GC3 Battery.