ADT Key Fob Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference Between ADT Key Fobs & Honeywell 5834-4
An ADT Key Fob is basically the same device as a Honeywell 5834-4. It is ADT's rebranded version of the same key fob. Many users bring these fobs to new alarm companies and use them like a 5834-4. There's no need to "take over" one, since they work with multiple panels. Learn more about key fobs.

If I Lose My Key Fob Can I Delete it from the System?
If your key fob becomes lost or stolen, you will be able to delete it from your security system. This will prevent the device from being used if it falls into the wrong hands. However, the process for deleting the key fob does vary between systems. Read on to learn how to delete a key fob.