DSC IotegaPK3 Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use the Alarm.com In-App Panic Feature?
The Alarm.com In-App Panic allows you to send an alert to the central station. Police, Fire, and Auxiliary Panics can be performed. Learn how to use the Alarm.com In-App Panic.

Honeywell Lyric Controller vs. DSC Iotega
The Honeywell Lyric and the DSC Iotega are both noted for their compatibility with Apple HomeKit. But we strongly prefer the Lyric. Find out how the Lyric and the Iotega stack-up.

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus vs. DSC Iotega
We recommend the IQ Panel 2 Plus over the DSC Iotega because the Iotega does not allow for local end user programming. Learn why the IQ Panel 2 Plus is superior to the Iotega.