Qolsys IQ DW MINI-S Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Alarm Contacts for Sliding Doors?
When selecting a contact for a sliding door, it is generally wise to choose a thin contact so that it can properly fit on the sliding door. The user will need to decide if they want to use a wireless contact or a wired contact. Learn more about choosing an alarm contact for a sliding door.

What Are the Best Wireless Door/Window Alarm Contacts?
Door and window contacts are some of the most important security sensors that are used with security systems. This type of device will monitor a door or a window and let the user know when it has been opened. We offer many great wireless door and window contacts. Discover which ones are the best.

How Do Alarm Sensors Communicate?
The method that an alarm sensor uses to communicate with the panel varies depending upon the type of sensor. Common communication methods include a wireless RF signal, a hardwired connection and WIFI communication. Continue reading to learn more.