Should I Wire All My Doors If I Have A Security System?

Every accessible door and window should be protected. If the property is new construction or under renovations, then wiring will be much easier to accomplish with open walls. If the site is existing, or has no attic space to run wires, most hardwired control panels integrate wired devices with wireless devices making installation and hard to get to areas easy to protect.

The Honeywell Vista series control panels do provide wireless expansion zones and when paired with either an RF keypad or a 5800 series wireless receiver, Honeywell 5800 wireless devices can easily be installed.

In most cases, hardwired devices are less expensive than wireless devices, however wiring is labor intense and programming is not as easy as programming a wireless device.

There are many options in protecting doors both with hardwired and wireless devices. There are surface and recessed sensors which come in many sizes. Many come in white, brown and gray to match the exterior. The plastic case can also be painted to match the surface the sensor is mounted to. There are overhead door contacts and contacts for steel doors. Installing a 5877 relay with a 5822t tilt sensor to a garage door, users can program a key fob to open and close the garage door

Honeywell also offers the Lynx series control panels which are self contained wireless home alarm systems. The Lynx series provides one hardwired zone and the rest are wireless zones (the number of wireless zones depends on the model of the Lynx panel, please refer to the install manual of each model for zone feature information).

The main thing to consider with any security system, is whether the system meets your current needs and whether it can expand to meet your future needs.

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