What Do I Do If My L5100 Keypad Is Too Bright?

The Lynx Touch L5100 is a wireless self contained panel, touch screen and siren all in one.

The systems features a 4.7” color graphic touch screen which allows users to control the brightness and contrast.

To control and change the brightness of the touch screen enter installer programming mode. From the home screen, press the “Security” icon, then “More”. Select “Tools” and the touch screen will display a keypad. Enter the installer code (Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112). The touch screen will display the “System Programming Screen”. Using the down arrow, scroll to the “System Settings” option. Adjust the Brightness using the slide bar displayed on the setting screen. Select “Save” to accept the setting.

The System Settings option is used to control the Brightness, Contrast, Volume, Voice, Chime and Ringer of the Lynx Touch L5100.

As of September, 2014 the Lynx Touch L5100 has been discontinued and is replaced by the Lynx Touch L5200 and the Lynx Touch L7000.

The Lynx Touch L5200 and L7000 control panels have the same options as the L5100 plus more. In addition to support WiFi, Cell communication, Z-Wave compatibility, the L5200 and L7000 are flash upgradeable and support more zones. The Lynx Touch L7000 also has a larger touch screen of a full 7 inches. Like the L5100, the L5200 and L7000 are compatible with Total Connect 2.0.

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control an alarm system, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, smartphone and ios device. Users will receive notification via email and or text message on any alarm signal or event. 

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