What Do the LED Lights on the ADC-V723 Mean?

The LED lights on the ADC-V723 have a variety of different meanings. Checking the LED light on the front of the camera is the quickest and easiest way to check the device's current status. Typically, the light will be solid green to indicate that it is connected with the Alarm.com servers.

Every Alarm.com Camera has an LED light to indicate current status. Nearly all of these cameras use the same color codes for their LED lights. By taking a quick look at the LED light on the camera, you can get a pretty good idea as to whether or not the device is working properly. Once the camera has been set up, you should always see a green LED light to indicate that it is working and connected with Alarm.com. If you see a different colored light, then it means that there is something wrong with the camera of the IP network.

The table below provides a general overview of all the colored lights associated with the ADC-V723:

Color Meaning
No Light Powered Off
Solid Green Connected with Alarm.com
Flashing Green Connected to Network, but not with Alarm.com
Flashing Green/Red Factory Reset in Progress
Solid Red Not Connected to Network
Flashing Red Booting Up
Flashing Blue Camera is Pairing via WPS
Flashing White Camera is Pairing via Access Point (AP)

The color you should usually expect to see with the ADC-V723 is solid green. This indicates that the camera is working properly and that it is currently connected with Alarm.com. Flashing green means that the camera is connected with an IP network, but it still needs to be connected with the Alarm.com servers. You will typically see the flashing green light during setup before you pair the camera with Alarm.com.

If you see a flashing green and red LED light, then it means that a factory reset is being performed. More information on factory resetting an Alarm.com ADC-V723 Outdoor Camera can be found here. If you see a solid red LED light, then the camera is not connected with a network. You should try and pair the camera with an IP network and check your network settings if necessary.

You will see a flashing red LED light when the camera is booting up after being powered on. It will remain in this mode until it connects with a network. The camera will connect automatically if it has been paired with a network before. Otherwise, you must pair the camera through WIFI Protected Setup (WPS) or an Access Point (AP). A flashing blue LED light means the camera is pairing through WPS. A flashing white LED light means the camera is pairing through an Access Point.

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