What Does a TMA 5-Diamond Certification Mean?

TMA 5-Diamond Certification is a certification offered from The Monitoring Association (TMA). A central station can be granted this certification if they complete a training regimen and pay the membership fees. Criticom has its own training regimen and opts to not participate in 5-Diamond.

Criticom Monitoring Services, often referred to as CMS, is the central station partner of Alarm Grid. The company operates three central monitoring stations in Florida, New Jersey and California. When an alarm occurs or a distress signal is sent out, one of these three monitoring centers will be contacted. A highly trained dispatcher will then know to contact the local authorities for a fast and reliable emergency response.

Central monitoring stations represent a crucial component of the alarm monitoring process. As such, it is important that you alarm monitoring provider works with a central station with proven experience and reliability. Criticom Monitoring Services has been protecting homes and businesses since 1978. Many alarm dealers across the country rely on CMS to provide outstanding service and protection. By operating three central stations, Critcom can reroute calls in the event that one station becomes unavailable. This ensures that customers are always protected.

Criticom is actually a member of The Monitoring Association. However, CMS chooses to not apply for their 5-Diamond Certification. CMS is confident in its own training regimen, and the company believes that paying the added fees for 5-Diamond Certification is unnecessary. Alarm Grid agrees completely with this assessment. We partner with Criticom because we believe that they are the best in the industry. Our partnership with CMS is a testament in itself to their performance as a central monitoring station.

In addition to their excellent track record, Criticom proves its worth through many other means. CMS is officially UL listed. This required the company to comply with the the strict UL-827 Standard. CMS is also a member of the Electronic Security Association (ESA), King Central certified and FM (Factory Mutual Insurance) approved.

Criticom operates its own training program that is designed to help it maintain consistent standards. We recommend reviewing this document for more information on the TMA 5-Diamond standards. Pay particular attention to how they compare with Criticom's own stringent requirements.

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