What Does the 5-Second Lock-out Button Do On a 2GIG Panic?

The 5-second lock-out button on a 2GIG Panic prevents that same input from being made for the next five (5) seconds. This is done to prevent you from accidentally triggering an alarm twice. This 5-second lockout feature applies to the 2GIG PANIC1-345 and the 2GIG KEY2-345 Key Fob.

2gig panic1 345

A panic button is a button you can activate to trigger an immediate alarm on your security system. This is useful in emergency situations. For example, if you hear a break-in or if you are being held hostage, then you might activate your panic button to quickly call for help. You can keep a panic button by your bedside if you ever need to trigger an alarm in the middle of the night. There are even under desk panic buttons that are commonly used in convenience stores and banks to discreetly trigger an alarm in case of a robbery. You can choose for this alarm to be audible or silent based on its programming settings.

It is also possible to use a panic button for non-intrusion events. For instance, you can program a panic button to trigger an immediate fire alarm or an auxiliary medical alarm. Being able to quickly activate a fire alarm is useful for kitchens or for hazardous environments where fire alarms might occur. And being able to quickly activate a medical alarm is good for nursing homes, care facilities, and for elderly or mobility-challenged individuals who may need to call for help at any time. How a panic button responds depends on its programming settings. But the button will have the same principle of action regardless of whether it is programmed to initiate intrusion alarms, fire alarms, or medical alarms.

When you activate a panic button, it is very likely that you are in a distressed state of mind. After all, there is an emergency going on at that very moment. You are likely nervous and afraid. It is very possible that you may activate the button more than once in a very short moment of time. While it is fine to repeatedly activate your panic button in an emergency, you only need to cause one (1) alarm on your system. Activating multiple alarms is pointless. That is why 2GIG put the 5-second lockout feature in place. Once you activate the button the first time, you won't be able to cause another alarm for at least five (5) seconds. This will prevent you from flooding the central station with multiple, unnecessary alarm reports. Remember, the operators at a central station are highly trained. They will take proper, immediate action after the first alarm.

Keep in mind that most 2GIG Panic Buttons will require you to PRESS and HOLD the necessary input for two (2) FULL seconds. These devices are designed this way to prevent false alarms. If you have a 2GIG PANIC1-345, you must press and hold the main button for two (2) full seconds to activate. If you have a 2GIG KEY2-345, you must press and hold the top two buttons (Arm Away and Disarm) for two (2) full seconds to activate. This is very important to remember during an emergency. Pressing the button quickly over and over will not do any good. Take a deep breath, and PRESS and HOLD the required input. Only then will your system go into alarm.

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