What Does the TG-1 Express Alarm Communicator Do?

The TG-1 Express Alarm Communicator takes over the phone dialer for a panel and allows it to communicate across a cellular network. There are many benefits to using cellular communication. This makes the Telguard TG-1 Express Alarm Communicator a very worthwhile upgrade for many systems.

Telular tg 1 express 3g universal cellular alarm communicator

A panel uses its phone dialer to dial out when an alarm event occurs. This allows it to send out signals across telephone lines. Phone dialers are typically found on older panels only, as telephone lines are widely seen as obsolete in the world of alarm monitoring. Not only are telephone signal transmissions rather slow, they are also unreliable. Many telephone signals do not go through successfully, and it is very easy for an intruder to cut a physical telephone line.

The TG-1 Express is useful because it allows an older panel with a phone line to utilize more current technology. The module takes over the panel's phone dialer and allows signal transmissions to be sent across a cellular network. As far as the panel is concerned, it still thinks it is dialing out like normal. But in actuality, the TG-1 Express is taking the phone signal sent out from the panel and sending it through a cellular network. The signal will ultimately reach the Telguard Servers and be rerouted to a monitoring station.

The Telguard TG-1 Express will work with nearly any panel that has a phone dialer. It is a worthwhile investment because of the overall efficiency of cellular communication. Cellular communication is quite fast, and it offers the best reliability out of any possible communication path. By using a TG-1, you will help ensure that your system sends out reliable communication signals every single time. Many panels will also support the use of the Telguard HomeControl Flex App, which users can access through an Android or iOS device to control their systems remotely.

Please note that the Telguard TG-1 Express comes in two different variants. There is an AT&T LTE option and a Verizon LTE option. This determines which network the panel communicates through. But the end result is the same, as the signal will ultimately reach the Telguard Servers. This option also has nothing to do with the user's personal cellular service provider. For example, if the user has an AT&T phone, they can still get a Verizon communicator for their alarm system. The user should choose whichever service works better in their area.

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