What Is A Honeywell 5800C2W?

The Honeywell 5800C2W is a convert to wireless module. If a user is replacing an existing hardwired control panel with a Honeywell 5800 series compatible control panel, the 5800C2W will convert a total of 9 existing hardwired sensor zones to 9 wireless sensor zones to Honeywell’s 5800 series wireless technology. The 5800C2W is not for use to convert hardwired smoke and heat detectors or carbon monoxide sensors. Replacing existing hardwired smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors to a 5800 series is recommended. 

The 5800C2W will calibrate the values of the existing EOLR hardwired contacts. Each hardwired contact must have an EOLR resistance of 1k - 10K ohms for the 5800C2W to calibrate to each circuit. If the circuit does not have EOLR resistors installed, a resistor within this range must be added in series or parallel. Zones can be Normally Closed or Normally Open. The 5800C2W comes with 92.2K resistors. Zone calibration data is not lost if both AC and battery backup power is lost.

The 5800C2W has it’s own unique 7 digit serial number. Each Hardwire zone must have an EOLR from 1K to 10K ohms. Zones can be Normally Closed or Normally Open (resistor in parallel or series) Each wireless zone will have its own unique serial number, each being one digit higher than the previous serial number. The starting serial number ending in 1, followed by 2-9. All wireless zones must be programmed as loop 1.

The 5800C2W has an on-board battery charger to support a 12V, 4Ah battery, which provides 4 hours of backup. DO NOT use batteries of larger capacity or share the battery with the control panel. Users can install the 5800C2W next to the existing metal cabinet that was used for the hardwired control panel. Do not install inside the cabinet, however the cabinet can be used to house the backup battery.

The 5800C2W is fully supervised, will send a low battery signal, tamper signal if the cover is removed, AC loss signal and provides supervision check in signals.

The 5800C2W has an RF transmitting range of 300 feet.

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