What is Good About No Contract Monitoring?

No contract monitoring is good because it maximizes the freedom of the end user. Every Alarm Grid customer pays month-to-month for monitoring. If a user decides to end their service, they will not be charged for their next month. At the end of that cycle, we will terminate their service.

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Historically, alarm monitoring companies have required their customers to sign lengthy contracts. These contracts typically last for several years. By signing a contract, an end user agrees to remain with that monitoring company for the duration of the deal. If the end user decides to break that contract and leave early, they can be subject to cancellation fees set forth by the monitoring company. This can potentially cost the end user hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Alarm Grid changed the security industry when it began offering no-contract alarm monitoring in 2012. With our service, all monitoring is paid for up-front at the start of the user's monthly cycle. Alarm Grid agrees to provide monitoring service for the user through the month. When the cycle completes, the user will pay for their next month of monitoring. This will continue until the end user decides to terminate their service for whatever reason. Please note that Alarm Grid cannot prorate the end user if they decide to ever end their monitoring service mid-cycle.

One important thing to remember about Alarm Grid is that all equipment is owned by the end user. The end user can purchase new equipment from Alarm Grid outright. They can also purchase it elsewhere if they find a better deal. If a new customer has an existing panel and sensors, then Alarm Grid may be able to take it over. This will depend upon the system. Many systems can be easily taken over. Others will require replacing the communicator or buying a new system entirely. The best way to determine the best course of action is to contact us and let us know exactly what you have. We may ask you to provide pictures in order to obtain more information.

If an end user decides to leave Alarm Grid, then their system is theirs to keep. Alarm Grid will release the communicator as soon as monitoring service is terminated. This is important because the end user may want to take their system to a different monitoring provider. Many monitoring companies require their customers to use proprietary equipment that can only be used with their service. Even if the end user gets to keep their system, it won't do any good if the system only works with that particular monitoring service.

At Alarm Grid, the only thing keeping you signed-on with us is the quality of our service. If you aren't satisfied with the support or service we provide, then you are always free to leave at the end of your current monitoring cycle. You will not pay any added fees, and you will be able to easily take your system to a different monitoring provider. We know this. Our customers know this. That is why we work very hard to provide the best possible support and service for all our customers. The only reason to stay with us is because of the top-quality support and service we provide. By joining Alarm Grid, we will show you that we are the very best at what we do. Sign-up for Alarm Grid monitoring service by clicking the orange Alarm Monitoring button at the top of this page. Your home or business will soon be receiving the best protection in the security industry.

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