What Is In the Total Connect 2.0 Plus Plan?

The Total Connect Plus plan includes sensor open/close alerts. When a chosen security zone is opened, closed or left open for a specified amount of time it can generate an email, text and push notification on up to 10 security zones. This is designed for high security zones like a safe.

Total Connect 2.0 is an application that allows a user to interact and control their system remotely. The app can only be enabled by a monitoring company who is also an AlarmNet360 dealer. The AlarmNet360 platform is Honeywell's server backend that supports all of the internet and cellular transmissions for the Honeywell panels. Total Connect 2.0 can be enabled for an account through AlarmNet360. You will need to check with your monitoring company if your panel is compatible with Total Connect 2.0 and if its revision number is current enough. Newer systems like the Lynx Touch and Lyric series are all TC2 compatible out of the box but you may need additional communicators.

With Total Connect 2.0, you can configure the system to send out notifications during or alarm events. Each user you create can have their own set of email addresses and phone numbers mapped for notification to be sent to. Each notification on the system can be individually enabled or disabled and custom user groups can be created if specific notifications are only needed to be received by specific users. You can also arm and disarm the system remotely, edit and create users, check the system status and edit the Total Connect 2.0 location information. To upgrade to Total Connect 2.0, simply let your monitoring company know that you’re interested in doing so. They should easily be able to upgrade your account.

With Total Connect 2.0 Plus, the sensor open and close notification feature is enabled. This lets you select individual security zones to send notifications when they fault or restore. An example would be having the front door zone send a notification when the door opens. Most TC2 users will use this feature on high security zones like a gun safe, liquor cabinet, pool gate or jewelry drawer. With Total Connect 2.0 Plus, a total of (10) zones can be setup for faults or restores. If you need additional open/close notifications, notify your security company that you would like to upgrade to Total Connect 2.0 Premium. This will give you an unlimited number of possible sensor open/close notifications.

Note: The information presented above is outdated. As of July 2019, you can now receive open and close alerts for up to 50 sensors by default, with no TC2 plan upgrade being required. You only need to upgrade your TC2 plan if you want to exceed this default 50 sensor limit. You must contact your alarm monitoring company if you want to upgrade your TC2 plan.

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