What is the Alarm.com Chair Sensor?

The Alarm.com Chair Sensor is an occupancy sensor that lets your system know when your loved one is seated. The sensor zone goes into an "occupied" state when it detects weight. It enters into a "vacant" state when no weight is detected. It can be used with the ADC Wellness Platform.

The Alarm.com Chair Sensor is made up of two (2) main parts. There is a sensor pad and an attached transmitter with a cord. You can place the sensor bad underneath a chair cushion or blanket for comfort. The sensor activates upon sensing 50 pounds of weight or more, making it perfect for adults of all sizes. When the sensor detects weight, the zone will be in an "occupied" state. When the person gets up, the zone will return to a vacant state. At this time, Alarm.com only offers a 319.5 MHz version of the chair sensor. This makes it compatible with the 319.5 MHz model of the IQ Panel 2 Plus and with the Interlogix Simon Panels.

By pairing the chair sensor with Alarm.com, you can get text and/or email alerts for changes in device status. This can offer you peace of mind in knowing that your loved on is up and moving around. You might also set specific alerts regarding any daytime usage. For example, you might set an alert to occur if there is no change in sensor activity for at least four (4) hours. It could be possible that your loved one fell down, and they were unable to make it back to their chair. This would give you reason to go check on them and make sure that they are okay.

For increased functionality, it is strongly recommended that you pair the device with the Alarm.com Wellness Platform. This will help you monitor the activity of your loved one more closely. As the sensor is used over time, Alarm.com will begin to recognize and understand your loved one's typical usage patterns. From there, Alarm.com can send you alerts regarding any strange or unusual activity. This could include your loved one being seated at an unusual hour of the night, or your loved one remaining in a seated position for an unusually long period of time. You should ask your monitoring company about including the Wellness Platform as an add-on to your existing Alarm.com service.

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