What Is the Allstate Homeowner's Insurance Discount Given for Owning an Alarm System?

The Allstate Homeowner's Insurance discount given for owning an alarm system cannot be accurately determined by Alarm Grid. Any premium discount offered from Allstate is applied at their own discretion. The discount is dependent upon a large number of different factors and considerations.

Many people get security systems for the sole purpose of saving money. Insurance companies offer premium discounts for customers who can prove that their home is actively monitored. In many cases, the discounts actually exceed that costs of alarm monitoring. For these users, maintaining an activate alarm system will actually spend less money in the long run.

The end user will typically need to present Allstate with a Certificate of Alarm (CoA) before any discount will be applied. A CoA is a document that lists the current coverages provided from an alarm system. Alarm Grid provides CoA documents after testing signals and making sure that they go through successfully. It is then up to the end user to present the CoA to their insurance provider to facilitate any discounts.

Alarm Grid cannot guarantee any insurance discounts. These discounts are applied at the sole discretion for the insurance company. We also cannot speculate on the size of these discounts. Normally, a customer receives multiple discounts for maintaining different types of coverage. For example, a customer may receive a discount for burglary and intrusion protection and then a second stackable discount for fire protection.

Insurance discounts are often restricted to customers in certain states and jurisdictions. For example, customers in two different states may receive completely different insurance discounts from Allstate, even if they have the exact same alarm monitoring plan. The only way to know which insurance discounts you are eligible for in your area is to check directly with Allstate.

For reference, the typical insurance premium discount for owning an alarm system is anywhere between 5% and 20%. Again, Alarm Grid cannot provide any concrete information as to whether or not Allstate Insurance reflects these figures. Customers in certain states and jurisdictions may be eligible for greater savings than customers in other areas.

If you want to receive the largest possible insurance discount from Allstate, there are a few things you can do. For instance, the customer should make sure their alarm monitoring service includes connectivity with a central monitoring station. This is often a requirement to receive an insurance discount from All State. Alarm Grid is partnered with Criticom Monitoring Services for central station monitoring. Customers should also make sure their monitoring service uses cellular connectivity for greater reliability. If an Alarm Grid customer wants to receive cellular monitoring, they will need a Gold Plan or higher.

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