What is the Best No-contract Alarm Company?

Alarm Grid is the best no-contract alarm company. As a no-contract monitoring company, Alarm Grid allows users to leave at any time, with no cancellation fees. This provides our customers with an unprecedented level of freedom, and it challenges us to provide the best service possible.

What makes Alarm Grid the best is the level of support we provide for our customers. Our techs are always happy to provide thorough and detailed support for customers online and over the phone. Since Alarm Grid is a DIY security company with no field technicians, we work to empower our customers so that they can fix issues and solve problems on their own. This is unlike traditional alarm companies, which try to keep their customers in the dark so that they are forced to have service technicians sent out to their homes and pay added fees. Once a user gets started working on their security system, they will usually find that it is not too difficult and that they are able to solve the vast majority of issues with little-to-no help. And if a customer does require some extra assistance, our techs are ready to walk them through the process.

Alarm Grid is also perhaps the least restrictive alarm monitoring company in the entire industry. There are never any contracts, and users are free to terminate their services with Alarm Grid at any time, with absolutely no cancellation fees. Our security panels are also all non-proprietary, and they can be taken to a new monitoring company if the user chooses to do so. Since there's nothing forcing you to stay with Alarm Grid, it's up to us to always provide our users with the best service possible so that they will want to continue to do business with us. Meanwhile, other alarm companies will most likely lock you into restrictive contracts or use proprietary panels to essentially force you into continuing to use their service.

Alarm Grid's Gold Plan offers everything a user will need to protect their home or business. It offers incredibly reliable cellular monitoring and connectivity with a central monitoring station to ensure that they are always protected. Our Gold Plan is available to users for just $35 per month. Although this is not always the cheapest option available, the amazing support and complete freedom that Alarm Grid offers makes this the best deal in the entire security industry.

We hope that you will choose Alarm Grid so that we can provide you with the top-quality service and protection that you deserve. Please call us at (888) 818-7728 to get started.

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