What is the Cancellation Fee for Alarm Grid?

There is no cancellation fee for Alarm Grid. There are never any added fees with Alarm Grid. Customers are free to terminate their service with Alarm Grid at any time at absolutely no cost. The customer can then take their alarm system with them to a new monitoring company if desired.

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Alarm Grid takes great pride in being a no-contract DIY security company that never charges its customers any added fees. This includes any "cancellation fees" that may be charged by other security companies for leaving a contract early. With Alarm Grid, there is no contract, and customers are free to leave at any time, no questions asked.

The only costs that an Alarm Grid customer will ever pay include the cost of their equipment and their monthly monitoring fee. All of the equipment is purchased by the customer upfront. It is their own equipment, and it is theirs to keep if they ever decide to leave Alarm Grid for whatever reason. The equipment that Alarm Grid sells is all non-proprietary, and a customer can always take it to a different monitoring company.

If a customer does decide to leave Alarm Grid, we will simply deactivate their alarm communicator and delete their account. We will do this at absolutely no cost to the customer. If they want to reactivate their service with Alarm Grid, they can simply contact us. We will reactivate their communicator and set them up with monitoring service. Again, we will do this at absolutely no cost. Alarm Grid never charges its customers any activation fees for starting monitoring service.

Alarm Grid also does not charge its customers any installation or service fees. We do not send any technicians out to the customer's home or business. Instead, all support is provided online and over the phone at no cost for monitored customers. This allows us to maintain our policy of never charging any additional fees to our customers.

For more information about Alarm Grid, please take a moment to review our alarm monitoring plans.

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