What Is the Citizens Homeowner's Insurance Discount Given for Owning an Alarm System?

The Citizens Homeowners Insurance discount given for owning an alarm system varies greatly depending on many different considerations. These discounts are not guaranteed, and not every customer will be eligible for every discount. You should check with Citizens to see if you qualify.

The prospect of saving money is a big reason why many people ultimate decide to get alarm systems. For many users, the insurance discounts provided from maintaining an active alarm system are greater than any alarm monitoring costs they might incur, With that in mind, owning an alarm system will actually save the end user money. To receive any discount from Citizens, an end user will need to present their insurance provided with a certificate of alarm (CoA). This is a document awarded to an end user after testing their system and proving that their monitoring service works correctly. Alarm Grid presents CoA documents to customers after testing signals.

Each CoA documents the monitoring services that are currently be provided. This includes services like burglary protection and fire protection. Insurance discounts are often stacked based on the monitoring services provided. A user who wants to receive the largest insurance discount should maintain as many services as possible. Again, certain discounts may only be available for Citizens customers in certain states and locations. You must check with Citizens to learn what types of insurance discounts are available in your area.

Remember, location plays a big determinant in deciding which discounts are available. Citizens customers in certain states may not be able to receive the same discounts offered to customers in other states. Additionally, the size of any given discount can vary between different states. For reference, the typical insurance discount for owning an alarm system for any insurance provider is between 5% and 20%. But we cannot guarantee any insurance discount from Citizens. Only Citizens can promise any discounts.

Users who want the best chance of receiving a larger insurance discount can keep a few things in mind. First, their monitoring service should include connectivity with a central monitoring station. This is necessary for receiving emergency dispatch during alarm events. Citizens might not provide any discount unless the customer is receiving central station monitoring. Alarm Grid offers a variety of monitoring plans that connect the end user's security system with Criticom Monitoring Services. Citizens may also require that the security system has a cellular communication path. For Alarm Grid customers, a Gold Plan or higher is needed to use cellular.

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