What's is a Glass Break Detector Event vs. Alarm?

A glass break detector is a security alarm system component that is able to detect the high and low frequency sounds associated with shattering glass. A glass break alarm event is an occurrence that changes the status of an alarm device from monitoring to detected. A glass break detector alarm is an audible alert to warn of a problem. Honeywell’s glass break detectors come equipped with two (2) LED indicator lights. A green Event LED and a red Alarm LED. When the LEDs are enabled during testing, they light in a variety of patterns to convey the detectors operational status. If an Event is detected in test mode, the green Event LED will flicker and the red Alarm LED will be off. If an alarm occurs in test mode, the green Event LED will flash once per second and the red Alarm LED will stay on for five seconds. Please note the LEDs are only enabled during test mode and are inactive during normal operation.

Glass break detectors can detect intrusion before it happens by responding to the sound of broken glass. Some consider the glass break the first line of defense in a home/business security system.

Honeywell’s glass break detectors features FlexCore signal processor which utilizes a application that processes sound data in parallel instead of sequentially. Using this reduces false alarms by 50%. Honeywell’s glass break detectors have four sensitivity settings, Max, Medium, Low and Lowest to also prevent in false alarms. Always test first on the Lowest setting and adjust it if needed.

Glass break detectors are intended only as one component of an alarm system and should be paired with a motion detector.

Testing should only be done by using a Flexguard FG-701 on Honeywell Glass Break Detectors.

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