What Is the Difference Between Arm Away and Arm Away Max?

The difference between Arm Away and Arm Away Max is that all Entry Delay periods will be ignored when the system is set to Max mode. If you activate an Entry/Exit Zone or any other zone that normally has a Delay period, an immediate alarm will occur. Away Max is the most secure arming type.

Having an Entry Delay period is normally desired for Entry/Exit Zones. These are zones that are activated when someone enters or leaves the building. By having an Entry Delay, the user will have a chance to Disarm the system before an alarm will occur. Since the end user will know a valid code, they should be able to access the panel and Disarm in time. But an intruder who does not know the code will almost certainly not be able to Disarm the system in time. If they activate an Entry/Exit Zone, an alarm will occur once the Entry Delay countdown expires. Entry Delay period may also be used with Garage Zones and with Interior with Delay Zones.

However, setting a system to Arm Max instead of Arm Away will have the system ignore any set Entry Delay periods. If someone activates a zone with an Entry Delay period while the system is Armed Max, an immediate alarm will occur. In this mode, the end user will most likely be unable to access the panel without setting off an alarm. For that reason, they will probably have to Disarm using a key fob or an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com after Arming Max. Please note that the Exit Delay period will still be in effect when Arming Max. This way, you can leave the premises without setting off an alarm.

Some systems have a specific method for Arming Max. For example, on a Honeywell VISTA System, the command is [Master Code or User Code] + [4]. Other panels may not have an Arm Max option specifically listed. Instead, the user can mimic Arm Max mode by simply setting the Entry Delay period to zero and Arming Away. This will have the system essentially operate as though it were Armed Max. Remember, Arm Away and and Arm Max only differ by Arm Away having an Entry Delay period.

Note: Alarm Grid also has an FAQ that explains the difference between Arm Stay and Arm Instant for further reading.

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