What Is the Erie Insurance Homeowner's Insurance Discount Given for Owning an Alarm System?

The Erie Insurance Homeowner's Insurance discount given for owning an alarm system is dependent upon many factors. It is not guaranteed, and it can differ greatly between Erie customers. Not all Erie customers will necessarily qualify for an insurance discount for owning an alarm system.

Many people get alarm systems for the sole purpose of saving money. The discounts may off-set the costs of alarm monitoring and actually make their insurance premiums more affordable. A customer will generally receive an insurance discount by presenting their insurance company with a certificate of alarm (CoA). This is a document that proves they have active monitoring service. Alarm Grid issues these documents to customers after they have proven their monitoring service is up and running.

The CoA will list the types of coverage that the end user is currently receiving. This can include things like burglary and intrusion and fire protection. In order to receive the largest possible insurance discount, an end user will need as many coverages as possible. Keep in mind that not every coverage type will provide an insurance discount in your area. But in most cases, an Erie customer will receive separate discounts for burglary and fire. Customers who are monitored for both burglary and fire tend to receive the largest discounts.

But before assuming you will get any discount, you should check with Erie first. The size of a discount and whether or not a customer is eligible for a discount depends on many factors. Location plays a big role, as customers in certain states are typically eligible for large discounts than others. There are also some states where discounts may not be provided. While the typical insurance premium for owning an alarm system is between 5% and 20%, we cannot guarantee these figures from Erie.

There are a few things that an end user can do to try and maximize their insurance discount. For one, they should make sure their monitoring service includes connectivity with a central monitoring station for automatic emergency dispatch in the event of an alarm. Erie customers with self-monitoring plans may not be eligible for a discount. Criticom Monitoring Services is the central station partner of Alarm Grid. Users should also make sure their system uses a cellular communication path for greater reliability. Alarm Grid customers need a Gold Plan or higher to use cellular.

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