What is the MegaHertz of a Honeywell 5898 Motion Sensor?

The MegaHertz (MHz) of a Honeywell 5898 is 345 MHz. This is the frequency of the wireless signal that is sent out from the motion sensor whenever it is activated. The 345 MHz signal allows the wireless sensor to communicate successfully with most Honeywell and 2GIG Security Systems.

Honeywell 5898 wireless dual tec motion detector

The Honeywell 5898 is a wireless dual-tec motion sensor that uses passive infrared (PIR) technology and microwave K-band technology to detect movement in the area. In order for the sensor to activate, the sensor must detect a disturbance in infrared energy and notice a change in the pattern of its microwave doppler signals. The sensor will not alert the system if only one detection method is triggered. Instead, both detection methods must be triggered.

This dual-method detection process helps prevent the 5898 from causing false alarms. The sensor offers pet immunity for animals weighing up to 100 pounds. This makes it great for pet owners who want to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of false alarms. The sensor is perfect for homes and businesses alike, and it can also operate as a temperature sensor when programmed to Loop 3.

As a wireless sensor, the Honeywell 5898 sends out wireless communication signals to speak with a security system. In the case of the 5898, this frequency is measured at 345 MHz. This is the same wireless frequency used by nearly every other Honeywell 5800 Series Sensor. The 345 MHz frequency allows the sensor to communicate with most Honeywell and 2GIG Alarm Systems. Remember, the panel will need a compatible wireless receiver to accept the incoming 345 MHz signals.

The sensor will need to be programmed with the system in order for it to work. The programming settings will determine how the system responds when the sensor is activated. Most users will program the 5898 Sensor as an interior zone or as a perimeter zone. An interior zone will only trigger an alarm when the system is Armed Away. This will allow building occupants to move around freely without setting off an alarm. A perimeter zone can cause alarms when the system is Armed Away or Armed Stay. This is a more secure setting that will have the sensor cause an alarm if activated whenever the system is Armed.

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