What is the USAA Homeowner's Insurance Discount Given for Owning an Alarm System?

The USAA homeowner's insurance discount given for owning an alarm system depends on many factors. We cannot provide an accurate estimate due to the number of uncertainties involved. Any type of insurance premium discount is determined by USAA, and it cannot be guaranteed by Alarm Grid.

As a benchmark, most insurance companies offer a premium discount ranging from 5% to 20% for owning an alarm system. We cannot say if the USAA insurance discount necessarily reflects these values. But if you are shopping for homeowner's insurance, then those are some ballpark figures to expect.

It is very important to understand that any homeowner's insurance premium discounts are dependent upon many different factors. This is true for USAA and basically any other insurance company. Homeowners in certain states may be able to receive larger discounts than homeowners living elsewhere. There are also some states where USAA might not offer any discount.

If you want to receive a larger discount, you can help your case by getting cellular monitoring and service that includes both fire and burglary protection. Cellular connectivity is the most reliable communication path available for an alarm system, and insurance companies tend to offer larger discounts for using it.

Meanwhile, USAA tends to offer greater discounts customers who can prove their homes are protected against both intrusions and fires. Alarm Grid will run a test to make sure that both alarm types are reporting successfully. Upon a successful test, we will send you a certificate of alarm (COA) that you can send to USAA as proof of your protection.

Any USAA customer who wants to receive an insurance discount will need to have their system connected with a central monitoring station. The central station must be certified as UL-listed. Criticom, which serves as Alarm Grid's partnered central monitoring station meets this requirement. Self-monitored customers do not normally quality for insurance discounts.

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Wow, that is very surprising. Not sure how USAA figures out some of their discounts.
I just called USAA, with a monitored fire/burglar alarm my premium went down SIXTEEN CENTS per year. I was sure it was an error, she reran it, thats it .16 cents per year. We got the alarms for peace of mind, but i certainly thought i would save more than that.
They only offer a discount for customers of their partner, ADT. There's no benefit if you're with a different alarm company.
There is no way of knowing what company that they offer what percentage of a discount to. There are many factors that we are not privy to.
So USAA only offers a recognizable discount if we sign up for ADT?