What is the "Zone Sync" Feature Available via Alarm.com?

The Zone Sync feature available via Alarm.com allows a central station to receive updated zone information for a user's security system. When a Zone Sync is performed, Zone ID's, Zone Descriptions, and optional Dispatch Codes are relayed from the panel to the user's central station account.

When a monitored account is set up with central station service, the central station will need a record of the security system that is being used. This record will include Zone ID's, Zone Descriptions, and optional Dispatch Codes. This record maintained by the central station is first created when the user's central station account is built, and it is updated whenever changes are made to the zones on the user's security system. This can include zones being added, changed, or deleted.

In order to create or update the security system record for the central station, system information must be transferred between the system and the central station. The Zone Sync feature in Alarm.com allows this information transfer to occur between the Alarm.com servers and the servers at the central station. This process involves the system relaying zone information to Alarm.com, and then having Alarm.com forward the information to the central station for record keeping. As mentioned earlier, the Zone Sync process may transfer Zone ID's, Zone Descriptions, and optional Dispatch Codes. The exact information that is shared is determined by the central station, and how they set up the feature.

Normally, alarm dealers are responsible for providing the central station with the zone information for a user's security system. But with the Zone Sync feature, the process can instead be handled by the Alarm.com servers. The Zone Sync feature can only be used if it is supported by the central monitoring station and enabled for the Alarm.com dealer account of the alarm monitoring company. Alarm Grid only began supporting the feature with its central station partner Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) in October of 2020.

The Zone Sync process through Alarm.com can only be initiated by your alarm monitoring company. There is no way for an end user to initiate their own Zone Sync so that the corresponding central station receives updated system information from Alarm.com. If you are an Alarm Grid monitored customer, and you have made changes to your system that require a Zone Sync to be performed, then it is advised that you email us at support@alarmgrid.com to request a Zone Sync. An Alarm Grid employee will initiate the sync, and will be sure that all dispatch instructions are correct, based on the zone settings. Please note that it may take up to ten (10) minutes after initializing a Zone Sync for any new changes to be made available for the central station so that they can be applied to the account.

Keep in mind that this feature can only be used if you have access to Alarm.com for central station monitoring service. Alarm.com self-monitored customers will not have zone and system information shared with a central monitoring station, and the Alarm.com Zone Sync feature will not be used for those accounts. The Zone Sync process is for central station customers only.

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