What Revision Vista 15P is needed To Run Total Connect?

The revision of a Vista 15P needs to be 9.12 to be compatible with Total Connect 2.0. To confirm the revision, open the panel box and there will be a “chip” on the board of the Vista 15P. The numbers will read WA15P-9.12, below this will say Honeywell, a year and Rev.9.12.

If the Vista 15P is not this version, a Honeywell Vista 15P Prom Chip can be purchased to upgrade the panel. If the Vista 15P is communicating by a cell communicator, the cell will also need to be upgraded to be compatible to the revision 9.12 and connect to Total Connect 2.0. When upgrading both the panel and the cell communicator, AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kits are available. Honeywell’s GSMV4G-TC2, is the updated cell communicator with a Vista 15P prom chip included to upgrade the Vista 15P control panel. Honeywell’s iGSMV4G-TC2, provides dual communication connecting the Vista 15P to the internet and back up via the cell communicator, this kit also provides the prom chip to upgrade the Vista 15P to revision 9.12. Honeywell’s 7847i is an internet communicator for the Vista series, which can be used with the Vista 15P to connect with Total Connect 2.0 but does not come in a kit with an prom chip upgrade.

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control an alarm system, home automation and security cameras from any computer, smartphone or ios device. A user will receive notifications via email and or text messages on any alarm event.

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