Can I get security stickers that sticks Inside Windows?

Alarm Grid offers security window stickers that can be adhered to the inside of a window. The Alarm Grid window stickers can be purchase directly from our web site - key in the words “window stickers” in the search bar and they will auto populate. The price is per window sticker and there is no quantity limit on purchase. Alarm Grid will provide two window stickers upon activation with one of Alarm Grid’s monitoring plans.

Alarm Grid’s interior window stickers are adhered to the inside of the window facing outwards. They should be placed where they can be seen even in the dark, a good place is usually down at the bottom of the window where a would be burglar would easily see it. Alarm Grid's window stickers are high quality and will last for many, many years to come. Many users like to place a window sticker on every bottom floor window as a deterrent for burglars prospecting homes to break into.Statically, homes that have window stickers and yard signs provide “red flags” for burglars and they will most likely pass on a home with a security system and move on to an easier target.

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