Where Should I Install a Hardwire Contact on a Vinyl Slider Window?

When installing a hardwired contact on a vinyl slider window, you should mount the sensor on the window frame and the magnet on the window's moving portion. The sensor and magnet should be no more than one-half inch apart when the window is closed. They should ideally be in direct contact.

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Hardwired contacts can be installed on nearly any type of window. These devices have fewer restrictions than wireless contact sensors since you don't have to worry about metal disrupting signal range. Since hardwired window sensors have a direct, hardwired connection with the panel, the surface that you mount them on doesn't really matter. You also won't have to change out any batteries, as wired contacts do not require any power for operation. You just need to remember that you will need to run a 2-conductor wire all the way from the panel to the contact sensor. If you aren't comfortable with this wiring, you may need to hire a professional to help you.

Wired contact sensors work just like any other door and window sensor in terms of operation. These devices consist of two parts. These parts are a sensor and a magnet. For best practice, the sensor should be mounted on the window frame, and the magnet should be mounted on the actual window. This is to prevent damage to the sensor when the window is opened and closed. The magnet can take a lot more abuse than the sensor. When the window is closed, the sensor and magnet should be in extremely close proximity, preferably direct contact. Most contact sensors have an allowable magnet spacing gap of one-half inch for proper operation, but this can vary.

Opening the window will cause the magnet to become separated from the sensor. This will release a metal reed switch inside the sensor. The sensor will recognized this and send a signal to the panel through its hardwired connection. The system will know about the faulted zone and respond based on the corresponding programming settings. Depending on the Response Type, this may result in an immediate system alarm. Then when the window is closed, the magnet will be realigned with the sensor. This will close the metal reed switch insider the sensor, and the sensor will report that the zone is no longer faulted. You must make sure the sensor and magnet are properly aligned, or else the system may fail to recognize that the window was closed.

Vinyl slider windows can support hardwired window contacts just like any other window. You don't really have to worry about what material you mount a hardwired contact sensor on. This is unlike wireless sensors, as metal material may cause RF interference. With wired contacts, you just have to make sure that the sensor and magnet are properly aligned. This is very important, as you need to make sure the internal metal reed switch closes when the window is closed. The only time this metal reed switch should be released is when the window is opened. Remember to test your sensors after installation so that you are sure they work properly.

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