Which Alarm Panel Can be Monitored Over the Internet?

Any alarm panel can be monitored over the internet, as long as it has an active IP communicator. Many wireless systems come with an integrated communicator for this purpose. But most hardwired systems and certain wireless systems will require that an IP communicator be added separately.

An alarm system that uses an internet connection will communicate through a wireless WIFI connection or a hardwired ethernet connection. These days, a WIFI connection is more common. But some systems still utilize a hardwired ethernet connection. A system will need a WIFI card to use a WIFI connection. But some hardwired systems may be restricted to an ethernet connection for IP monitoring. Most users prefer using a WIFI connection so that they do not have to run any wires.

IP connectivity generally works pretty well for an alarm system. It offers fast speeds, and the communication signals are sent through successfully most of the time. But there are a few things to remember with an internet connection. For one, if the internet goes down, then the alarm system will be unmonitored until it is restored. Also, an internet connection is dependent upon the electricity. So if the power goes out, the system will usually be unmonitored.

However, a superior option to IP monitoring is cellular monitoring. Cellular connectivity is more reliable than IP monitoring, due to the fact that cellular service almost never goes down or becomes unavailable. Cellular service also works in the absence of electricity, so a system with cellular monitoring will remain monitored when the power is out, as long as the alarm panel still has backup battery power. This can be particularly important for areas where power outages are frequent. In order to use a cellular connection, a system will need a compatible cellular communicator.

The user will also need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity. For Alarm Grid customers these are our Gold and Platinum level plans. We encourage customers to check out our alarm monitoring page for more information. It is also possible to use both cellular and IP monitoring with the same system for a fast and reliable dual-path communication setup. This will require a system with both an IP communicator and a cellular communicator.

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