Which Glass Break Sensors Work w/ ADT Security Systems?

Many Honeywell glass break sensors will work with ADT Security Systems. This is because many ADT Systems are re-branded Honeywell Systems that interface with sensors at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz. A great glass break to use with many wireless ADT systems is the Honeywell 5853.

As a company, ADT often provides companies with re-branded Honeywell security sensors. These re-branded sensors are interchangeable with comparable Honeywell sensors, and they communicate at the same wireless frequency. This means that if a user ever needs a new wireless sensor for their ADT system, they can simply look to Honeywell for a new peripheral. And if a user ever brings their ADT system to a new monitoring company, they can add Honeywell sensors to enhance their overall setup.

However, there is a very important exception to this general rule for ADT Panels. In addition to providing customers with re-branded Honeywell equipment, ADT has also been known to provide re-branded DSC equipment. This DSC equipment communicates at a different wireless frequency, often 433 MHz. For these systems, Honeywell wireless sensors will not be compatible, since they communicate at a different wireless frequency. Remember, always check what type of security system you have before looking for new security sensors.

If the ADT system is wireless, a Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Sensor is usually a perfect solution. This wireless sensor is part of the Honeywell 5800 Series, and it communicates at a frequency of 345 MHz. It is also very reliable and easy for end users to program and install on their own. Overall, it is an excellent glass break for any ADT-convert who is looking to expand their setup.

For users who would prefer a hardwired glass break, we recommend the Honeywell FG1625. ADT often provides a re-branded version of this sensor with their hardwired systems. It connects to a wired zone on the panel's circuit board, and it has different sensitivity settings so that users can set up the device for their needs.

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