Who is Alarm Grid's Monitoring Partner?

When it came time to picking Alarm Grid's central station, we spent months researching before we picked Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) as the perfect Alarm Grid monitoring partner.

We wanted more than just the standard, discounted UL-listed central stations most of our competitors settled on.

We chose Criticom because they offer 3 load-balanced redundant monitoring centers, including one in Alarm Grid's home state of Florida. The other two are in New Jersey and California.

That means even if there's a natural disaster or an emergency in one part of the country, your alarm monitoring service will be uninterrupted.

We also chose Criticom because of their unbelievable track record since they were founded in 1978. You can read more about our partnership in our Criticom blog post.

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John, I believe Criticom is able to monitor fire in New York City but we are not able to do fire there unfortunately.
Is Criticom able and authorized to alert and New York City fire and police services?

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